Life and Medical Insurance:

Group term life insurance is a common employer-sponsored life insurance offering. Group term life insurance is a coverage that employers offer to employees only. Coverage may be employer or employee paid. The coverage is generally very affordable for employers, because the group plan spreads the risk over many people so premiums tend to be low. Plus, if you take the time to educate employees about the importance of life insurance, offering this coverage can increase employees appreciation of their benefits package. Group term life insurance is also advantageous for employees as employees get the coverage that is either employer sponsored or atleast cheaper than a policy purchased in individual capacity. Another big advantage is that most of the group-term plans do not require health assessments. Employees purchasing coverage individually often face premiums contingent on the results of medical examination or may be denied coverage on that basis.

Key Man Insurance:

Should a person who is key to the business dies or is disabled, there are critical exposures to the business in terms of additional and previously unforeseen costs. Such costs could impact upon the short term viability of the company to continue trading and a Key Man Insurance can be bought to mitigate such losses and exposures.

Our group benefit consultants can help design, cost and implement a Group-term insurance or Key Man Insurance.

Employee Benefits, Medical & Life Insurance

Whether your organisation is solely India based or a complex global enterprise, Berns Brett India can provide a bespoke employee benefits program that satisfies local legal needs and tailors the program to your specific business.

Berns Brett are major providers of employee benefits throughout the world, representing major local and international clients. We have a dedicated and experienced team that deals with all local and international insurers. We also have affiliates that work with us in territories where we are unrepresented.

Being part of the BBi Group of Companies means that Berns Brett India can draw on over 45 years experience in providing employee benefit services and related consultancy. In a truly global economy, organisations need strategies to attract, motivate, reward and retain the best people.

We use our expertise, reputation and market relationships to deliver excellent value programs that are sustainable. Working with you on risk management programmes and risk control strategies can reduce the costs of claims which will, in turn, maintain low premiums.

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