Risk Control & Audit Services

Risk can be managed in many ways. It can be ignored, managed, controlled, eliminated (usually an illusion) or transferred (insurance). None of these things can occur, however, until risk is understood.

To understand risk control, organisations have to justify the resources required to start a risk appreciation process.

The mountain climber knows that death can result from his failure to appreciate the risk that confronts him. Similarly many organisations exist from day to day merely because they are lucky and have not slipped whilst ignoring the risks that confront them.

Berns Brett India offers a risk control and audit service that helps organisations understand risk. The process can be simple or sophisticated. Common sense and early warning audits provide a simple and effective way to begin. This point is proved by the number of organisations that have improved their management and profitability by devoting resources to a continuity plan. Very often these plans can provide management with their first true understanding of who does what within their organisation.


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